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Education – Adults

Adult Christian Education

Fellowship Class
Meets Sunday morning in the Gernert Room, 1st Floor
Teacher: Pastor Pam Smith

Catechumenate (pronounced kat-eh-ku’menate):
Welcoming Into Membership & Renewing Faith of Members
Teacher: Pastor Brian Hooper
Time: Consult with Pastor Brian
Here is what we will cover:

  1. doctrinal …understanding the teaching of the church through reading and dialog.
  2. practical …learning how we respond to the Gospel by which God embraces us.
  3. liturgical…experiencing the liturgy as the action of God in and through God’s people.
  4. apostolic…discovering how we live out Christ’s call to discipleship as individuals and as parish family.

We will cover this material in a dialogical format — encouraging questions, engaging critique of commercialized faith, embracing mystery and paradox, exploring history, and addressing issues generated by the participants.

Brown Bag and Bible
Wednesday 12:00 Noon
Teacher: Pastor Pam Smith