Announcement for the Week of July 19 | First Evangelical Lutheran Church
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Announcement for the Week of July 19

Dear Friends at First Lutheran,

Here is a thought for you today about the impact that even grandparents can have on youngsters. Richard Allen Farmer is a professor at Gordon College and a much-sought-after motivational speaker. He tells this story:

“When I was a youngster, probably in my 10th or 11th year, my grandparents bought us a small plastic cartoon projector as a Christmas present. Bringing a couple of reels of black and white cartoons, Pop taught me how to thread the projector. He patiently demonstrated how to bend the film around the sprockets and thread it into the take-up reel. After one demonstration, Pop said, ‘Now you try it.’ I threaded the projector correctly and I will never forget his words: ‘I have the smartest grandson in the world!’

“Years later, I asked Pop if he remembered that incident. He didn’t, but I did! For all the years following that day until now, I have thought I was bright, skillful, teachable, quick to catch on. I would probably also have remembered if Pop had said, ‘I have the dumbest grandson in the world.’ And my life might have demonstrated my belief.

“What memorable phrases are you depositing in your mind, to be trapped there for years to come? …”
-Richard Allen Farmer,

Stay well and safe,
Pastor George

First is getting ready to launch a Summer Bible School experience for children and adults. The kids version via podcast will be launching soon with Corrie and Kristen and the Adult study, – Famous Women of the Old Testament will be led by Pastor George and held by Zoom on the Wednesdays in August at 11 a.m.. The adult sessions will be recorded for viewing at another time.

Next Week’s Readings
1 Kings 3: 5-12
Psalm 119: 129-136
Romans 8: 26-39
Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-52
Have a wonderful day!