Core Values | First Evangelical Lutheran Church
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Rooted in Christ...Rising to Serve.

Core Values

  • Sharing the good news of Christ’s grace, forgiveness, love and peace through our Lutheran tradition.
  • Loving the Lord with all our heart, all our soul and all our mind (Matthew 22:36-40); to love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 28:16-20); and to be disciples of Christ who serve the poor, captive, blind and oppressed (Luke 4:14-21).
  • To enable all who desire to share their time and talents through worship, leadership, fellowship, and ministry.
  • To live through faith, love through action, and seek justice for our neighbors.
  • To nurture the children in our congregation and community, providing Christian education and fellowship throughout their youth.
  • To be a place for families of any description or makeup to worship and thrive together in faith and fellowship.
  • To welcome all God’s children, whatever their age, the color of their skin, the contents of their wallet, no matter whom they love, how they speak, and whatever their abilities or disabilities: For in Christ Jesus all are reconciled to God.